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Manuela Maria Mitterer, recorders & voice

Valentin Malanetski, live-electronics



"Polished and profound, the young, go-ahead artists offered the audience the rare opportunity of experiencing the poetry of brilliant (and disruptive) Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, widely regarded as one of the most innovative and original authors of the 20th century, together with its repercussions in their own unique musical language.” 


 Pamela Hickman, Jerusalem, November 2019




And while the ocean blooms

a music and film performance




And while the ocean blooms


REVERSE UNIVERSE explores new fields whilst combining electronic live music with film. In this project they focus on the topic of the OCEAN as a hide-out and shelter from noisy daily life. Sometimes routines and everyday life are overwhelming, time passing by without a breath for ourselves even taken. The oceanic rhythm grounds us by having to live in the moment. The natural beauty and force of the water is incomparable and thus needs creative exploration of the two artists. With the project “And while the ocean blooms” REVERSE UNIVERSE dives into a vast array of sounds and visuals and takes the audience onto their new creative journey.

Wind & Transience


REVERSE UNIVERSE creates a new, modern atmosphere around Thomas Bernhard's lyrical works. In the creative process, the duo transforms Bernhard's poems into sound and thus creates a modern Gesamtkunstwerk. On stage, poetry merges with music and electronic sounds, which are produced live.