online recorder lessons

Since the lockdown in March 2020 I started giving online recorder lessons to my pupils. Never before I would have thought of this option. To my surprise it worked out really well and my students have gained lots of skills during this time! I teach kids from the age of 6 online, also real beginners on the instruments, as well as advanced pupils. I provide extra video material so students can learn and practice by themselves in a better way. Of course, music scores will be selected (in the right level) and sent via e-mail in advance.

Playing the recorder online or learning the recorder in online lessons can be very easy. A basic set up for online music classes would be:

  • proper instrument
  • a room where you have enough space to stand and - even better - to walk around
  • good lighting
  • a music stand
  • a place where your laptop/computer/tablet sits nicely, so you can see the teacher really well without having to bend down etc.

If you have these basics set up you're good to go!

Who can learn the recorder?

In general anyone can learn to play the recorder as long as you are really interested in it, learning melodies or just understanding music better can be some of your goals.

I teach anyone who is eager to understanding and learning the true language on the recorder. A lot of times people would be surprised by the richness and full sound a recorder can make or the emotions that one learns to express while playing this wonderful instrument. 

Learning a music instrument can be a demanding challenge but with the right teacher it can for sure ease up your journey and you will see results far more immediately. 


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Lessons from 20 - 60 Minutes

Decide how long your lesson should be. Depending on age or availability a lesson could last from 20 til 60 minutes.

Be flexible

Choose your lesson-dates.
Another appointment came up? No worries, let me know 24 h in advance and shifting your lesson is no problem.

Which recorder should I buy?

Do you need advice on which instrument to use? Let me know and I can help you choose the right recorder.



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About my pedagogical background

As a professional recorder player and pedagogue I studied at the renowned University of Mozarteum in Salzburg and the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Vienna. I do hold both, concert and pedagogical degrees and have been teaching for over 8 years pupils in the age from 5-70! Check out my bio for more