Baroque oboe Lessons online

Manuela Maria Mitterer - baroque oboe

As a professional baroque oboe player I also teach the baroque oboe online. Want to learn more about this beautiful double reed instrument?

Years ago I fell in love with the sound of the baroque oboe. It was the music by Henry Purcell which of course directly struck me. But the sweet sound of the baroque oboe or oboe d'amore was so charming, I had to start playing it.

Nowadays I play concerts and teach the baroque oboe, oboe d'amore and oboe da caccia. For a first lesson, please don't hesitate to contact me via my mail. If you need any advice on e.g. how to get a used instrument, you can also write me. I usually know where a baroque oboe is for sale.

Baroque oboe vs modern oboe

romantique oboe

What are the main differences between a baroque oboe and a modern oboe?

  • number of keys
  • wood (boxwood vs grenadilla) 
  • diameter of the internal bore (medium vs thin)
  • pitch (415 hZ vs 443 hZ)
  • reeds (bigger vs smaller)

baroque oboe reeds

Baroque oboe reeds

Making your own baroque oboe reeds can be very challenging. It takes a lot of knowledge, practice and therefore: time! 


I usually gouge my own cane and shape them by hand. So definitely no reed will be like the other one!

Scraping and the fine finish is also done by me. 


Contact me for further infos!